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 Herb Directory

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PostSubject: Herb Directory   Sat Aug 15, 2015 8:45 pm

Here is a list of herbs which can be used to cure many illnesses that may get come across. Perfect for any characters who are top-notch healers.

Alder: The leaves on this tree reduce swelling and prevents infection from setting in. To apply this herb, chew and then apply to the wound. Another use is for a person that has a toothache to chew, resulting in a reduction to pain, swelling, and aid in preventing any complications.

Alfalfa: Chewed. Used to prevent tooth decay.

Aloe Vera: Cut open plant and retrieve gel from inside the leaves. This gel is used to cure skin problems (flaky, drying skin, etc.) or burns. A hard plant to find, not usually used.

Basil: Apply to the paw to treat any problems a beloved pet may have.

Borage: Consume the leaves and roots to make fevers go away. Nursing females should eat the seeds (or leaves) to increase the amount of milk for a baby.

Broom: Not commonly used. Used in poultices from broken leg's.

Burdock: Leaves are chewed and then applied to the wounded area. This helps clear infection and to speed healing. The roots are used as well. Works great on rat bites.

Catchweed: Apply its green fluffy seeds on any freshly applied poultices to help protect it.

Catmint: Chew and consume the leaves by any wolf affected by white/greencough. Only found in some gardens.

Celandine: Used to treat the ailments of the eye.

Chamomile: When a person feels stressed or is in a state of shock, use this to help calm the nerves.

Chervil: This plant is sweet-smelling. Its juices can be used for infected wounds. Chewing the roots helps with bellyaches.

Chickweed: Eaten to cure bellyaches, bloatedness and constipation as well as coughs.

Cobwebs: Gathered and pressed on wound to stop bleeding. This is changed often depending on the amount of blood.

Coltsfoot: Used to treat shortness of breath.

Comfrey: Root's are chewed into a poultice used to help mend broken bones or soothe wounds.

Deathberries: These berries are poisonous and if eaten, the consumer will die. Also known as yew.

Dock: Chewed and applied to soothe scratches.

Dried Oakleaf: Used to stop infection. Found during leaf-fall and can be stored in a dry place.

Feverfew: Brings down a fever.

Goldenrod: Used for healing wounds. A poultice.

Hollyberries: Same effect as the Deathberries.

Honey: Used to soothe the throat.

Juniper: The berries helps bellyaches while the leaves ease coughs as well as other respiratory problems.

Lamb’s Ear: Used with Ragwort to help an exhausted or weakened person. No, not an actual lamb ear.

Lavender: Eat the leaves and flowers to cure fever and sore throat. Inhaling the scent can calm the nerves.

Marigold: Consume leaves and flower to relieve chills. Leaves and petals can be chewed and placed on wounds to prevent infection.

Mousebile: Used to kill ticks by dripping some on a moss ball and patting tick until the nasty thing goes away.

Mud: Soothes hornet/bee stings. Apply and let it dry and fall off on its own, taking the stinger with it.

Nightshade: Same effect as Hollyberry and Deathberry.

Poppyseeds: Allows one to sleep peacefully, should not be used on nursing females.

Ragwort: Used with juniper berries to treat aching joints or other muscle soreness.

Snakeroot: Counter's poison.

Stinging Nettle: Apply leaves to reduce swelling. Its seeds can be used for one who has swallowed poison.

Tansy: Leaves consumed to relieve aching joints, flowers consumed to treat cough. Do NOT give to pregnant females; cause stillborn babies.

Thyme: Used to treat shock, antsy nerves, and to calm the anxiety. Also bring restful sleep.

Watermint: Chew to the pulp and fed to a person with bellyaches.

Wild Garlic: Roll in this patch to prevent infection, especially for rat bites.

Willow: The water on its bark should be allowed to drip into a one's eyes to help blurriness. Also applied to dry skin patched to soothe. Small amount of bark should be eaten to ease pain, act against inflamed areas, and to ease fevers and diarrhoea.

Yarrow: Extracts vomit by forcing one to throw up. Made into poultice to expel poison from wounds.
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Herb Directory
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