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 ~Mae Simmons~

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PostSubject: ~Mae Simmons~   Thu Dec 31, 2015 2:13 am

The Basics
Name: Mae Simmons
Gender: female
Age: nineteen
RP: The Other Side of Life

The Details
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 110 pounds
Eyes: ocean blue
Hair: shoulder-length, bright red
Scars/Markings: a long slash going diagonally across her back, dotted tattoos underneath her eyes, and a tattoo of a pair of wings on her stomach

The History
The Simmons' family life was rather normal. Mae's father, Frederick, worked as a city councilman, and after several promotions, became the right-hand man to the President. As side-jobs and hobbies, Mr. Simmons was an engineer and leading scientist, being one of the key people in the newest technology. He met his wife during a big project which later got shut down for unverified health reasons. Once Mae was born, Mrs. Simmons decided to be a stay-at-home mom, knowing her husband's promotion and more than generous income would be able to support them. Four years after, Mae's twin brother and sister were born, and their lives seemed complete. But Fred Simmons was getting into risky work. The night after the twins' seventh birthday, Mae being eleven, danger lurked outside their house. Assassins with government uniforms forced their way into the house as everyone slept. By the time Mae and her siblings woke to the noise of their parents death, it was too late. When the people in masks moved their attentions to the children, they planned to take them, and train them for whatever purpose the higher-ups wanted them for. Mae tried to get her brother and sister to go through a window in her room that led to the roof so they could escape, but one of the men had gotten to them and the twins were ripped from her. Terrified of the guns, Mae bolted, and never looked back. To this day she blames herself for not having saved her siblings, and has a passionate hatred for the United States government, disgusted with anyone who has a badge or high position.

The Persona
Being alone from the age of eleven (now for eight years), Mae is extremely quiet. She harbors an anger and intense hatred for adults, especially those in government-line work, and can come off as really rude. She's a renowned thief and has been known to terrorize many of the rich to gain intel. No one has any knowledge of where she resides and believes her to be a leader of a large rebel gang, who kill anyone who goes against them. In truth, she isn't part of any gang, though has gotten several offers to be. She would only kill if truly necessary, and has trained herself to fight. She does steal, and quite often, but never more than what she needs. Now cold in nature, the only soft spot she has is for children, seeing innocence and love in them just as her and her siblings were like. Her goal is to find out why her family was targeted and to know what happened to her brother and sister, hoping to be reunited someday.

The Relations
Mother: Sarah Simmons (maiden name Hudson--deceased).
Father: Frederick Simmons (deceased).
Sibling(s): Sage (brother) and Emma (sister) Simmons (twins--in custody of the government--around fifteen years of age now).
Crush(es): None so far.
Previous Love(s)/Interest(s): None.

Strengths: Extremely flexible and can go long periods of time without food and water, and has taught herself martial-arts.
Weaknesses: Having kept herself in seclusion, Mae doesn't know how to socialize very well, or how to express her feelings properly.
Fears: The government's power over people; never seeing her siblings again.
Habits: When angry, Mae will train relentlessly until she practically collapses with exhaustion. If she sees a child, she tends to watch them play or takes them in if they seem to be lost.
Likes: Thunder storms, any food, especially chocolate, and old movies from the early 2000's and back.
Dislikes: Solitude, anyone that is involved with the government.
Mottos/Quotes: "You can't trust anyone, not even if it's God himself."

~Hate the crime, not the criminal.
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~Mae Simmons~
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