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This forum is being made as the ultimate roleplay site, where many different rps will be held. Anyone is welcome, and suggestions are encouraged.
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 Biography Guidelines

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PostSubject: Biography Guidelines   Sun Aug 16, 2015 3:25 pm

This is to help you with your characters and so we have an understanding of them. You can add or detract if you want, it's just a source of help. Of course, unless it's predetermined that your characters are family or have known each other prior to the start of the roleplay, please refrain from making it seem like your character immediately knows everything about another character. That takes away from some of the fun. We all have pride in our characters, but be sure to keep it fair.

The Basics
Name: Your character's name.
Nickname(s): What you'd like to be called, other than your name.
Gender: Male/Female
Age: Your character's age.
RP: Which roleplay does your character belong to.
Reference: You may stick a picture here for your character.

The Details
Breed: What breed is your character? (Helpful for roleplays that are fantasy based.)
Height:  Your character's height.
Weight: Your character's weight.
Race: Your character's race goes here.
Eyes: Your character's eye colour(s) goes here.
Hair: Your character's hair colour(s) and length go here.
Scars/Markings: If your character has any scar(s) and/or marking(s), it goes here.

The History
This is where your character's history goes. Make it interesting, detailed, creative and original. The more we know about your character's background the more understanding we'll have of why they do and say certain things.

The Persona
This is where a brief description of your character goes. There is no length requirement here, but please be descriptive. It gives all forum members a good understanding of who your character is, their attitude and what skills they may posses, etcetera.

The Relations
Mother: Your character's mother's name goes here.
Father: Your character's father's name goes here.
Sibling(s): Your character's brother(s) and/or sister(s) names goes here
Husband/Wife: Your character's current spouse's name goes here if you have one.
Previous Love(s)/Interest(s): If your character has had any previous crushes from within their background, please put their name here.
Crush(es): Your character's current interest goes here.
Children: Your character's child(ren) names go here.

Strengths: Your character's strengths go here.
Weaknesses: Your character's weaknesses go here.
Fears: Your character's fears go here if he/she has any. If not, leave it blank.
Habits: Your character's habits go here.
Likes: Your character's likes go here. (At least 3.)
Dislikes: Your character's dislikes go here. (Again, at least 3.)
Mottos/Quotes: Any motto, or quote either you have produced yourself or resembles your character, include it here.
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Biography Guidelines
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