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This forum is being made as the ultimate roleplay site, where many different rps will be held. Anyone is welcome, and suggestions are encouraged.
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 Roleplaying and Posting Rules

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Toshiko Ishihara


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PostSubject: Roleplaying and Posting Rules   Sat Aug 15, 2015 4:37 pm

#1.) Please, STAY ON TOPIC! To prevent going off topic, proceed to the chatbox or the 'Off-Topic' forum.

#2.) No spamming. (examples: gumdrops; I like pie; dies...)

#3.) No double posting. (example: Post one: I run and play with Toshiko and Hagen.
Post two: I sit down with Toshi-chan and Hagen and eat a sandwich.) In order to prevent this, please edit your posts.

#4.) Swearing is allowed, since I am going for a more mature audience and people have their habits, however any discriminating words against race, religion, or people will not be tolerated and you will be asked to stop if you are offending someone.

#5.) No excluding people. Everyone's here on the mutual liking for roleplay. If you have an issue with someone, ignore them as best you can. If there's a continuous problem, please inform me and I will try to help.

#6.) No inappropriate content. If you want a sexual roleplay, please keep it contained in private messages. It is unfair for the rest of us to read that stuff and want a normal rp. However, if you want a separate category for it and ask, I will make one and keep it locked from other users, meaning no one else will be able to post in it or even see it.

#7.) Be nice to EVERYONE!!

#8.) If a roleplay says "(closed)" next to the name, it means it is unavailable to other forum members and only certain people are allowed to post on it. Please respect this; some people only want a certain amount of participants in their roleplay.

#9.) At least five to six sentences (a paragraph) is required for a roleplay post. Again, I am looking for a more mature audience for this experience, and want something to work with. It isn't much of a real roleplay, and more spam, if it's only a line or two. Please be as descriptive as possible. This is open to anyone, and if you're new to this, I'll help out.

#10.) A biography must be made of any MAJOR character you roleplay as. There can be little side-characters that don't have a reference bio since they aren't that big to the plot and aren't involved too much in the roleplay. There are guidelines to help you for the biography, but it isn't mandatory to stick to that. You can do your own format as long as it's descriptive of your character.

#11.) You may post in any colour you want, but please make sure everyone can read it.

#12.) No god-modding. Meaning, don't have your character be able to know everything and do everything. Everyone has flaws and encounters conflict. While there will be many fantasy roleplays, keep it semi-realistic.

#13.) You will be warned if a violation of any of these rules are noticed. After three warnings, you will be banned from the site for a week. If things are still problematic, your account will be deactivated. Rules are in place to keep everyone happy and to ensure things run smoothly. Please respect them.
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Roleplaying and Posting Rules
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